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This project consists in a plugin for Linux Gnome Rhythmbox music player for syncing with a user's account.

  • (1) Sync the "playcount" field when listening to the track
  • (2) Use the "love" property associated with a track to update Rhythmbox "rating" property
  • (3) Batch sync using the user's recent tracks journal on (i.e. the scrobbling history)
The plugin must be configured in order for this extension to work: synclastfm uses the provisioned "username" from

Simply enable the extension in Edit -> Plugins -> Synchronization features.


In its simple form, this plugin functions for (1) and (2) but when coupled with musicbrainz-proxy-dbus and lastfm-proxy-dbus it provides feature (3):
  • batch update through traversing the "user.recenttracks" of a user account
  • increased [artist_name;track_name] resolution to a Rhythmbox database entry
  • The project's code can be found here
  • Supported installation instructions can be found here
  • The associated Ohloh page can be found here

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