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This page details the DBus API provided by Musicbrainz-Proxy-DBus.

The interface consists of only DBus signals.

dbus interface:  com.jldupont.musicbrainz.proxy

 Parameter Value
 Path /Tracks 
 Signal NameqTrack i.e. "track?"
 Direction  INPUT 
 Parameter List  ref, artist_name, track_name, priority

The 'source' parameter should be set to a unique application specify string (e.g. "rhythmbox", "banshee").

The "ref" parameter can be used as "context" parameter for requests being signaled to Musicbrainz-proxy-dbus: the proxy will then use this context "ref" parameter in the reply signal "Tracks".

The parameter "priority" can take the values "low" or "high": this allows for prioritizing the efforts of Musicbrainz-Proxy-Dbus in case of congestion.

 Parameter Value
 Path /Tracks 
 Signal NameTracks 
 Direction  OUTPUT 
 Signature ssaa{sv} 
 Parameter List  source, ref, list_dic

The value "list_dic" consists in a list of dictionaries (key:value pairs) with the information found relative to the "qTrack" request.  The reason why a list is returned stems from the fact that many variations in naming could exist in the database. Usually, the first entry would constitute the best choice.

 Parameter KeyData  Type 
 artist_name String 
 track_name String 
 artist_mbid String Artist MBID
 track_mbid String Track MBID
 mb_artist_name String Musicbrainz standardized artist name
 mb_track_name String Musicbrainz standardized track name

If an entry can't be found in either the cache or on Musicbrainz, no signal is generated.