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"lastfm-proxy-dbus" is a Linux Ubuntu/Debian application providing a DBus interface to a user's "user.recenttracks" journal.

This application is used by "Rhythmbox Sync with": more information can be found here.

How it works
The application fetches the "recent tracks" journal from a user.  The journal must be made public by the user.  Each journal entry is kept in a local database (in ~/).  The application then sifts through the journal entries and updates the a table of "unique tracks" in the local database.  Lastly, the application fetches the MBID (musicbrainz identifier) associated with each "unique track" thereby facilitating the correlation between a local music file and remotely scrobbled ones (e.g. from an iPod).

The application shows a "Tracks to update" indicator:  the number of tracks left to process before entering a "dormant state".  The indicator " Recent Tracks" is just an approximation.

Finally, the application fetches the complete journal information at regular intervals: this behavior is necessary as I found that sometimes hick-ups... 

This application works best in conjunction with musicbrainz-proxy-dbus.

  • The source code as well as additional information for this project is available here
  • Supported installation is accessible through here
  • The associated Ohloh page can be found here
Once the application is installed, it will be available through the Application --> Other menu item.

Usage Notes
This application requires that Rhythmbox's be configured with the user's account information.

If the a "403 forbidden message" appears in the user message box, it is probably due to the privacy settings associated with the user account.


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